Thursday, February 4, 2010

A tribute to LMF

I know what 'you' are thinking... Why suddenly the post about LMF? To let you know, actually I just learnt how to post videos on my blog. I was pondering over what links or videos to post here and in the end, I decided to post something 'educational', or rather 'informative', at least according to my definition. 'Educational' is to educate/to let you know something you don't know.

Okay, now allow me to enter into the main topic for the day - LMF. First of all, what/who is LMF? LMF is a canto rap/rock band from HK and in their lyrics, they write about the social problems happening in HK. And by watching this short series of videos (it'll take less than 1 hour of your time), you will be able to gain some insight about what LMF is all about, things that you thought u know but actually you don't know, their music genres, the forming of the band. And for non-canto speakers, there's English subtitles so can follow along. You might even pick up a word or 2 from watching the videos. Enjoy! =)

P/s: After watching the videos, and if you are interested to get your hands on some of their music, you can post your comment I'll get back to you shortly. FYI, I have ALL their songs, so you name it, you got it! And NO! I'm NOT selling music online...
Terms & Conditions DO NOT APPLY.

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