Friday, February 26, 2010

Surprise of the day: Wang Wang

Today, out of the blues, my Form 6 Maths teacher - Mr Wang, came and find me for a chat on facebook. I think I just added him on facebook yesterday or today. His 1st question was a shocker - "Are u in UK now?". Actually I've known Mr Wang for quite some time already, and I remembered I went to his house for tuition since Form 1 together with a friend of mine. And later she did went to UK and study, so he must've thought I also would study in UK after I finish my STPM. Seriously, UK is way too expensive and honestly, I've never thought of studying my undergrad in UK. It's way out of my radar. For me, it was either HK or Sg, and I chose Sg in the end due to the serious pollution in HK as I'm asthmatic.
I knew he was the teacher advisor for Chess Club, and I always wanted to challenge him to a game of Chess. But till now, I've never fulfill this promise. Someday, somehow, I'll play Chess against him. And hopefully I can win him, although this possibility is rather low as I've not been training consistently for such a long time. LOLz.
Apparently her daughter just sat for STPM and got fantastic results - 4As and is now deciding which uni to apply for and which course to take. His daughter applied for HKU and also NUS la. And she wants to do Pharmacy or Chemical Engineering, which is 2 of the toughest courses to get into, apart from Medicine and Dentistry, and of course not forgetting Business, at least in my opinion. I'm pretty sure she'll do well, as long as she keep her feet firmly on the ground, balance her time between studies and CCAs.


  1. chess online. how's her MUET? need at least band 5

  2. should have band 5 gua... if don't have then really very kikshou...