Monday, February 8, 2010

Dark Clouds In The Sky

Today, I received the news about the results for a band competition, in which my band had went for auditions 2 weeks ago, and it was negative. This totally caught me by surprise and I'm really disappointed and devestated. I didn't expect the outcome to be like that as the judges comments were very good during the audition. They even mentioned, "It's between you guys and the other band, and it all boils down to the song choice during finals. Don't play safe, be more adventurous and daring" He really said it as if our band were already confirmed through to the finals. HA-HA. What a good way to approach CNY with such a heavy heart. This time is really "A Matter Of Heart" lo. Damn it! Later only did I find out that only 3 bands progressed to the finals out of the 30+ bands that took part. seriously wtf??!! 3 bands ONLY. Might as well call it the "Tom, Dick and Harry competition". The winning probability is 1/3, and if I was in 1 of the bands, I would bribe the 2 other bands and ask them to slip up during the finals and let me win. LOL. When there are more bands, it's not that simple anymore coz you don't know which bands are good and which bands are bad. I simply don't understand why they cut the finalists of the band category from 10 in the previous years to 3 this year. And the top 3 winners (means all of them) will receive prizes. Do the organizers even know what publicity and marketing is all about? There's only 3 bands in the finals and they can only attract F&F (friends and family members) of these 3 bands, which is quite limited. If they actually allowed 10 bands to go into the finals, they surely can sell more tickets and definitely earn much more profit. And considering this, I think they might even make a loss out of organizing this competition, and what good is this? !@#$%^&*(use your own creativity to interpret this code = DECODE)
But after thinking twice, this might be an angel in disguise. If my band is not in the finals, we wouldn't need to practice so hard for the coming weeks and sit back and relax. I can also concentrate and put more time on my studies, which I've made it one of my priority for this semester (I might even not drop my 6th module, which I intended to drop it due to the hectic schedule of the semester). As this is my final year, I would like to accomplish somethings in my uni life so that I won't look back and felt that I wasted a few years in uni without achieving anything at all, and winning a band competition was one of my goals. I had waited 2 yrs for a chance like this, and when at last I have a band that is competitive enough, fate has failed me again. This competition was our best bet, or at least my best chance of winning something in a band competition, but it seems that this dream will not become a reality after all. One of my members will be graduating this semester, but he'll be leaving sooner than expected as he has a lot of work to do for his wedding preparation. Yes, he's getting married soon. I wish him all the best in his wedded life and live happily ever after. Without such a vital member in my band, my band is incomplete. It's like a keyboard that doesn't have a spacebar, or like a Choir that is missing the bass section. Can the Choir perform? Of course, you bet. But it'll definitely sound not as good as a complete SATB choir.
Now I can devote my time fully between studies and my concert coming up in March. Do look out for details soon.

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