Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blood Donation Attempt (FAILED) & Consultation

The NUS Red Cross Society organizes blood donation drives twice a year, once in sem 1, and the other during sem 2. I missed the one in sem 1 because it was overcrowded with ppl at the venue, so I thought of making up for the loss this time around. And so as usual, I went to MPSH4, where the blood donation drive was being held. After filling in the forms, I waited patiently for my turn for a simple body check-up. The medical officer took my body temperature and blood pressure. After checking everything, she went through the form that I had completed and the problem occurred.
"Have you been hospitalised?" YES
"Have you been under constant observation of a doctor?" YES
"Have you undergone surgery?" YES
"If YES, when was it?" 9th Dec 2009
Apparently I am not allowed to donate blood within 3 months after surgery, no matter how minor the surgery may be. Damn! Just wasted half an hour of my very busy Wednesday schedule. And so I left.

Actually I wanted to see the doctor (or rather medical officer) in UHC but was unable to coz they closed for lunch from 12.30-1.30pm (not the usual 1-2pm, that's why kikshou lo). So, I might as well use the time allocated for donating blood to see the doctor, since I'm already there (Note: MPSH4 and UHC are located quite near from each other). After registering, I waited patiently (as always) for my turn. After waiting for quite some time, it was at last my turn, and I proceeded to the specified room.
Upon entering the consultation room, there was actually still a patient inside, and the doctor requested for some time to finish up the patient before me. I think this doctor is new, coz I nvr saw him before nor did I hear his name before. And so I waited again, right outside the room for the other patient to leave. As soon she exited, I entered. The doctor then asked me regarding my condition, and I told him the whole lot. "Cough, a lot of phlegm, very green-ish and sticky, and itchy throat". To my surprise, the doctor is also suffering from the same condition as me, as he was coughing quite badly, and I can hear the sound of the phlegm clearly. He diagnosed me as a viral infection (which I already knew as this was not my first time having such similar symptoms). He asked me whether I had sore throat, and I answered him no, I just have an itchy throat. He said he'll prescribed some medicine, so that I can cough out my phlegm easier. I thanked the doctor and left.
After that I passed the medicine prescription to the counter, and waited as they prepared my medicine. Then the payment counter lady called out my name, and she wanted to collect $ from me. At this time, I knew that the doctor must've prescribed some lozenges for my 'sore throat' and I had to pay for it as it is a 'non-standard drug', and so my wallet is left with $4.45 less when I entered the building.
I just wish that I can recover fully before CNY starts because it sucks if you're sick during CNY. Just imagine all those food... that you are not allowed to eat... it's unbearable... couldn't imagine how it would be... 3 days more to go... Gambateh!