Monday, February 8, 2010

A Day At The Hospital

I went to the hospital again as usual, for my weekly physiotherapy session. But what's different from other trips to the hospital is that I've 2 appointments instead of the usual, that is I'm going for consultation too for the doctor to assess my progress after surgery.
When it's my turn to see the doctor, I asked him whether I can do some 'light' exercises coz I've put on a lot of weight ever since the surgery coz I didn't exercise at all (although I knew the answer might be a big 'NO'). But to my surprise, he actually said that I'm allowed to do 'lower limb' exercises, such as light jogging, cycling, and swimming (limited to breaststroke only, not freestyle or butterfly). But for contact sports, it's another 4 mths to go, which is also the next time I'm goin for consultation, and hopefully the last trip to NUH. But the most kikshou thing that he said was "Don't let me catch playing basketball at the basketball court!". He thought that my hands are very itchy and I'm eager to return to the basketball court soon, but the fact is I haven't been playing much basketball since I dislocated my shoulder in Dec 08. As the saying goes "见过鬼仲唔怕黑咩", which means that you are afraid of doing something you've had a bad encounter doing that same something previously. But nevertheless, I'll definitely return to the court one day when I've fully recovered. No rush, yo.
I think I'll need start my exercise plans after CNY, and hopefully I can be in good shape in time for the concert in March.


  1. uncle, u say 2 appointment?where is the 2nd one?

  2. LOL cmon la how many years adi still GoJ. U tak sien I sien're ruining my street cred man, can't get laid with that as my dog tag. T.T

  3. It's better not to get laid, so I'm in fact doing you a favour. Haha...=P anyways, happy CNY bro.