Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just when you thought ....

This has been a dissastrous week for me. And just when you thought things couldn't get any worse and on the verge of improving, it continued to spiral downwards. I guess situations have every bit to do with your mood (or aura). If you are giving out negative aura, the scenario will also be affected by this negative energy, and it will become worse.

And I just realised the effect of positivity and negativity. When you experience something positive, and experience something negative, both perceived to be of same importance with the same level of magnitude, you would expect yourself to be neutral/indifferent coz logically you would expect the two to cancel off one another, but in real life this is never true. You always feel it more when you experience negativity, and negativity will ALWAYS outweigh positivity.

But at least, after a couple of years in university, I realised that I'm actually OK with reading textbooks. In fact, I enjoy reading, but I dislike studying and going for exams. LOL.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Internship Day One

Just a 'brief' description of how my day was:
I woke up at 5.11am, surprisingly... without the help from my friendly neighbour - yongxin (who himself slept until 6+ before waking up)... Had cereal + strawberry + milk for breakfast... After getting ready for everything, I went out to wait for bus at about 7.23am. I was suppose to report in at 8.30am. The office is situated at HarbourFront Tower One. The whole journey took me about 20mins, as traffic was smooth flowing without much jam.

I arrived at the place together with the receptionist and he opened the door for me bcoz I haven't got my access card yet. I sat at sofa at the lobby, and whilst waiting for time to pass, I watch abit of financial news on TV (I think it's Bloomberg - the default channel for the tv)... At 8.30am, the Learning & Development Manager - Lynette showed up and brought us to a conference room whereby we would have our orientation. There were 6 interns: 4 from NTU and 2 from NUS. She gave us a file each with the powerpoint slides in it, and then she started her 'lecture'. After finishing the introduction, and also abit of logistic matters, we (the 6 of us) proceeded to the Jurong Island Pass Office by cab to get our passes done. Initially I didn't know why we had to apply for the Jurong Island Entry Pass as the 5 of us are based in HarbourFront, with only the odd one - the other guy from NUS who is doing Chem Eng having to work at the plant at Jurong island. Apparently we'll be having a 2nd round of 'orientation' somewhere in mid June where all of us would get a chance to visit the plant(s) in Jurong island. I guess it'll be a good experience for us to at least know how Jurong island is and also how the plant looks like, rather than to just work in HarbourFront and know totally nothing about what's going on on the other side.

After we got our passes done, we cabbed back to vivo city and we had our lunch at the Kopitiam foodcourt at the basement level. I had 排骨王饭 at an affordable price of $4? $4.50? Maybe I should apply for the privilege card, so that I'll be entitled for 20% discount, since I think I might end up having lunch quite frequently over there. We then went back to the office and looked for the lady to settle some issues. After we've gotten all the logistic matters settled, every one of us proceeded to our respective workstations. I'm situated at the 17th floor, with another girl (enterprise risk mgt) and another guy (physical trading). 2 girls (marketing and call centre) are posted at the 16th floor, and the poor guy had to cab to Jurong island by himself (but luckily the cab fares are claimable, so not too bad la... HAHA...)

It all started to become kikshou from here onwards. Last week, my manager already informed me that I'll be attached to my supervisor and that she herself would be on leave today, so the supervisor would take care of my needs. Today, my supervisor called for MC, and so I'm like a 'dragon without a head'. I don't know what to do, apart from getting my PC set up. I'm impressed that the company has their own IT division where u call the extension and they'll answer all your queries. If they can't solve it through the phone, they'll send someone on-site to go to your place and fix the problem for you. After setting up everything, it's still only 2.30pm... What am I supposed to do for the remaining 3hrs? And so I started fb-ing, google-ing... and also checking out the company's intranet and reading some info about the company. And at 5.30pm sharp, everybody left the office, and this implies that their working hrs are 8am-5.30pm. Actually my company has staggered working hrs, and so by right everyone shouldn't end work at the same time but according to your own preference. You can come in as early as 7.30am and end at 5pm, or you can come in at 9.30am and end at 7pm. Actually I didn't what time I should come in the next day, but the person who briefed me was occupied talking to the VP for Corporate Services. Luckily the lady sitting next to me started chatting with me, and I asked her what's our working hrs, and she said a very affirmative 8am. So I guess I'll have to reach there by 8am tmr morning, just to give a good impression on the '1st' day of work. Hopefully my manager or/and supervisor will show up tmr, if not I'll spend my whole day doing nothing (and get sleepy/drowsy/sian).

P/s: I think I'll bring my mug to work tmr so I can help myself with all the beverages available. 8am-5.30pm it is!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I started my 'day' at 1pm when i was awake by a phone call, from an unfamiliar/unknown number. The 1st thing i thought of was could this be an interview call-up? I'd better get up from bed and answer this call. If this number was a number that I know, e.g. weili, then I would just answer the phone call for a while and continue sleeping. Anyways, it was an anti-climax in the end. It was a call from my dad. Full Stop.

Went to have lunch at YIH by myself coz I wanna buy ink cartridge coz my printer ran out of ink already. And I have to print out some application forms to fill in before I go for an interview next Wednesday. Suddenly I had a crave for Nasi Padang today, but it was not my day coz they ran out of beef rendang. Damn... Then I went to IT Co-op, and ended up buying more stuffs than I planned to. A 3 pin plug extension, a pair of hemisphere thingy for you to stick underneath your laptop to tilt it for better ventilation purposes (my laptop has been shutting down by itself mysteriously, must be the over-heating), and of coz the ink cartridge.

Then I spent my whole day applying for internships through the NUS Career Services eJob Center. Okay, maybe 'applying' wasn't the best word to use. It should be SPAMMING internship applications. I think I spammed almost 50 internship applications, just for today, which is almost equivalent to the total amount that I applied for the past 1 month or so since I started applying actively since the beginning of March.

Anyways, my mom keeps on saying that I couldn't get any internships coz I'm fat, which portrays an image of laziness, indiscipline, lethargicness, and the list goes on and on and on... Well, maybe she's right so I thought to myself that maybe it's time to do something. And I went for a jog just now. Here are some data to keep track on my progress:

Distance covered: 3.469km (just a mere estimation using google maps distance calculator)
Time clocked: 34mins 45secs (not close to any competitive time, but who cares?! after all it's just an unfit me trying to start exercising since i-don't-remember-when)
Weight before jog: 108.9kg
Weight after jog: 106.3kg

There must be some kind of error here. Although my weight fluctuates like the stock market prices, but 2.6kg weight loss after just slightly more than half and hour's jog, or rather "brisk-but-not-very-brisk walking"???!!! It's either my weighing scale is fucked up, which is rather new, or that I'm fucked up. But looking at my luck and aura, most probably I'm the one who's fucked up, and I hope that I'm fucked up (at least in this context). I shall experiment again tmr to ensure that it's no fluke.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Internships: A Pain in the Arse(nal)

Internships Applied (To-Date): 64 and increasing
Interviews Went: 7
Internships Rejected: 4
Internships Secured: "NAH-thing" a.k.a. zero = 0

Note: Internships Rejected is the internships is that I got rejected, not the ones that I reject after securing the offer (as if I secured any before, duh...).

I just wonder how many job applications will I have to send and how many job interviews do I have to attend before I finally secure my 'dream' job? Well, just keep on dreaming... Coz the day you stop dreaming is the day that you lose hope... The force is strong within you... Be strong, my friend!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I am fucked up

Yes, seriously, I am fucked up... When people are busy studying for the finals, which is just around the corner, I'm still applying for internships and going for interviews. Yes, you heard me... I am still applying for internships... and the day I stop applying for internship is the day that I actually secure my internship for the summer break (or even longer). 3 weeks more before most of the internship positions start. I thought I was being last minute when I started applying for internships in March, but apparently they are even more last minute than me.

Ok, I had this interview last Wed with a Marketing company... The one that asked about my CAP. Anyways, they told me that the results will be out by Friday... last Friday, but till now I haven't heard from them yet... It kinda makes me wonder why ppl in the business industry always don't keep to their promises... If u really don't want to hire, can you at least take the courtesy to inform me. If you don't want to deal with me, then just let the BBA Career Services Center know, and they'll change my application status from 'pending' to 'rejected', so I don't have to think about of you anymore.

Next interview on Sunday with also another Marketing company via skype video call. And I can say this was the toughest interview that I've went through. They gave me a situational question, i.e. "how do you promote fishball in China?". I was seriously stunned... After talking cock for sometime, I requested for time-out to regroup my thoughts, and they kindly gave me 3 mins for me write down what I should cock about for the remainder of the interview session. They were screwing me non-stop for almost half an hour. For everything I said, they just somehow had to screw regardless of whether my point was valid anot. Soon, it changed into something like a debate match, rather than an interview session.

I'm going for another interview tmr for an HR position. I just hope that everything goes well. Wish me luck...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

FIN3101 Test 2 (40%)

Today had my FIN3101: Corporate Finance Test 2(Final) at 9am. Didn't sleep the whole night. Couldn't say I was mugging non-stop, but I actually put in the effort for the final push (as if I pushed it along sial). Anyways, nth was coming... I couldn't focus. My thoughts weren't right. I was thinking of something else. Oh my, this is really bad, bearing in mind this is the 2nd time I'm taking the module. Yes, I failed this module last sem coz I was back stabbed and of coz I did badly in the tests too. So, I thought to myself to just forget everything, and start afresh. Hopefully I can sail through smoothly this time round.

Once I step into the LT, I just had a bad feeling that the final would be very difficult. And just as expected, it WAS indeed extremely fucking difficult. Maybe I lack preparation. But even ppl who prepared thoroughly still felt that the paper was very difficult. Some questions I really don't know how to answer. I answered quantitative questions qualitatively. I didn't know what to do. I just tried to "fill up all the blanks" to make paper look less empty. I even wrote a PM to the prof in answer sheet for one of the questions. Pls don't think I'm joking. This is real. Here it goes:

Dear Prof XXXXX,
Can you pls be lenient abit? I don't want to fail this module AGAIN. This is already the 2nd time I'm taking this module. I really don't want to take his mod for a 3rd time. I would be deeply grateful to you if you just let me pass. Even a 'D' will do. God bless you....

Actually I was still unsure I would actually write this down, but in the end I did, but I hope that the Prof won't deduct my marks for writing a letter to her under the answers column. Maybe she'd just give me a big, red cross and just throw my answers into the rubbish bin. I don't know why I'm emo-ing this time round. It's not like I haven't done badly before in exam before. Maybe it's because that it's the 1st time I'm retaking a failed module and I'm extremely desperate to clear it this time round. But come to think of it, I'm seriously not meant for finance. I don't know whether I have a choice of not doing a specialization at all and just graduate with a breadth BBA degree...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jacky Cheung Interview

Was just randomly surfing youtube the whole afternoon, then I came across this series of videos about Jacky Cheung talking about his latest album - Private Corner

And just to end this post on a good note, here's the MV for his main single of his latest album - 迷你 a.k.a. "Stuck On You". Hope you'll enjoy it! =)