Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet The Tailor

I had a long 5 hrs no-break-in-between sessions of classes today, 3 hrs Financial Mkts and 2 hrs Microecons. After that, I had lunch with Jia Ee and Shen Hui at biz canteen. Then it struck 2.15pm and I knew I had to rush off as I had an appointment at 2.30pm and so proceeded towards my destination. I had signed up for a professional tailoring services session earlier and this was when the tailor would take my measurements and tailor a made-to-measure jacket and pants suit.
Upon arrival at the BBA Career Services Office, I asked the receptionist where's the measurement taking session being held and she kindly directed me to one of the rooms. FYI, the office has shifted to the new biz sch building and therefore I was still not yet familiar with the place.
After waiting for around 5 mins, it was my turn. Then I gladly let the tailor take my measurements. He took my chest measurement and asked me whether I would like my jacket, or blazer rather to be tight fit to give a smart look (as if I'm not smart enough, duh) or a slightly loose and comfortable one. And of course, I preferred the latter. He then asked me to try on some custom size jackets and after getting the correct size, he jotted down the necessary adjustments from which my build is different from the standard size blazer. He asked me whether I would like a 2 button or 3 button blazer. I thought I should try something new as I already had a "chui" 2 button blazer, and so I opted for the 3 button one.
Next, he measured my waist and I was so shocked that my waist size has already exceeded 40". And my thigh measurements were equivalent to a girl's waist. dang! I think it's about time I start to do some exercise (will ask the dr when I go for consultation 2 weeks later). After everything was done, he asked me to pick a colour out of 3 colours available (black, navy blue, grey). I knew many ppl will pick black or navy blue, so I chose the kikshou-est colour - grey, because I feel that the black and blue colours are kinda "cold", but the grey is quite pleasing and makes you more approachable. I paid the 50% deposit required = $75, so damn cheap! (that's why I signed up for this in the first place). I then asked the tailor if I were to find him at his shop and make 1 suit, does it cost the same as now. He said the normal price (cheapest) is $392 because of the different type of material used and the cheap material is not available all year long. As I was about to leave, he suddenly asked me 1 question. "Wan pleat or don't wan pleat?". I was stunned, and I don't know what to answer as I don't know what does "pleat" mean, and so I gave him the blur face. And then he asked again, this time pointing to his pants, and noticed that his pants has the folded part, know to me as "". I asked for his opinion, and he feels that young guys my age should choose non-pleated pants, coz normally only those old "ah pek" or middle age men will wear pleated pants. And speaking of this, I just realised that I've been wearing pleated pants for quite some time as pleated pants give you a looser cut and is more comfortable (actually due to my huge size, it was very difficult for me to buy non-pleated pants as most wouldn't fit). However, I followed his advice and went for the non-pleated one, because I think that since the pants is made-to-measure, I should able to fit into it no matter whether it's plated or non-pleated, right? Unless I put on more weight during CNY... g.g.

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