Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st Class (no Hons) of 2010

Yesterday I supposedly have to attend a Finance class in the afternoon. But in the morning, I received an e-mail from the school saying that the lecturer is not in Singapore and will only be back 2 weeks later. In other words, the lecturer skipped her 1st class. So, there goes the 1st day of the new semester, resulting in an unexpected "free day".

Today, I went for my first class for the sem. It was a 3 hr sectional and I felt good as I don't know any of the students in the class. And the lecturer was my former MNO1001 lecturer, Mr M.L. Before this I was still thinking whether I should drop this module as I wasn't really into this module and after the class I felt that it was quite enjoyable. The lecturer prepared some lecture notes but he didn't use them at all. In fact, he wrote down 7 topics on the whiteboard and divided the whole class into 7 groups. And each group were to present 1 topic accordingly. Our group was allocated a topic that's quite related to us - "Qualification vs Experience". So, with nothing in our minds, all we can do is to come up with some shit. Overall, it was quite a fun module.

After class, I went to the new business building - Mochtar Riady building a.k.a. BIZ 1 to have a look, so that I won't get lost and I know exactly where my classes are located. The design of the building is quite classy, with alot many glass panels. However, it has a very poor utilization of space. It has an atrium and the the building has a huge space in the centre of it, i.e. the 1st level is connected until the 6th level.

There was quite a few hrs until my next class, so I went back to my room after lunch. And I decided to have an afternoon nap and set my alarm clock to wake me up at 4.45pm. If u think that I'd oversleep and miss the class, the you are so wrong this time round. In fact, I did wake up at 4.45pm and as I wanted to go for my class, it started to rain heavily. And as I don't have an umbrella (because somebody borrowed my umbrella and didn't return to me), I couldn't go for my class and I skipped my 1st lesson of this new semester. Since I couldn't make it to class, I thought that I could make use of the extra time made available to me. So, I started to search for internships, hoping that I could send in my application and hopefully be able to secure 1 for this coming Summer (May-Aug). As I looked through the posts, some required CAP3.0, some 2nd Upper Class Hons. And there was this internship that I was quite interested in, but it required some weird requirements, that is 2.1 undergraduate degree or equivalent and 360 UCAS points. As I didn't know what the fuck that was, I googled the both of the weird requirements needed. The conclusion is 2.1 undergraduate degree or equivalent = Upper 2nd Class Hons and 360 UCAS points = 3 'A's in A levels or equivalent. Fuck it! I didn't realise that applying for internship so troublesome and difficult until and unless I improve my CAP by a huge margin (which is kind of late for me already who's in my penultimate semester). So, the conclusion is low CAP = no internships = jobless = contribute to the unemployment rate upon graduation. Congrats!


  1. see see, u start finding excuses for ur new year resolutions dy. who the hell tell u find intern got to have good cap? dun find those high class intern lah

  2. Ok lo... I follow your footsteps lo...