Thursday, January 14, 2010

Acupuncture and Physiotherapy

Yesterday I had my physio appointment at 9.15am, and so I went to NUH quite early, trying to find my way to the rehabilitation centre, as this was my 1st time goin for physiotherapy treatment. At the lobby, I looked at the building plan and spotted the location of the rehabilitation centre, and I proceeded towards that direction. As I was almost goin to reach my destination, this huge sign caught my attention - "Acupuncture and Physiotherapy". I stopped. I thought to myself that ain't I goin for physio treatment? But I remembered the doctor's referral letter clearly state "Department of Rehabilitation". And most importantly, what's the connection between acupuncture and physiotherapy. Out of curiosity, I said, "Why not check this place out? See what's so acupuncture-ish this physiotherapy center is. And so, I went into the room. There was no one at the counter, which is kind of weird considering that this IS sg. It's not like "some other places" where the ppl were still having their cup of teh tarik in the cafeteria and eating their breakfasts. I waited patiently and at last a nurse came to serve me. Apparently the nurse couldn't find my appointment in the system. I looked around and I saw a appointment list on the desk. My name and I/C no. was on it. As I looked closer, I noticed that my name was misspelt "CHAN YI YING" and therefore my appointment wasn't in the system. After persuading the nurse that it was their fault, the nurse ask me to submit my forms to another counter. That is when I saw many people, mostly elderly people waiting for their turns to get acupunctured. This is when I realize how amazing it is for them to have 2 totally unrelated departments under 1 roof, or should I say "in the same area".
I waited for my turn patiently and soon it was my turn. My therapist was a girl called Germaine (actually I was kinda expecting a guy as I'm quite big sized and it might be quite difficult for a girl to handle). She started off by asking the usual questions, like what other medical conditions do u have, did you have other surgeries before except this one, any drug allergies. Then she asked me to do some movements to check the flexibility and functionality of my arm and shoulder. I realised that my shoulder had stiffen quite alot and I had difficulties doing some of the actions. Only at this time that I knew that I've got a lot of work to do to regain fitness. Then she taught me a few exercise and asked me to repeat the exercises 3 time daily. After that, she asked me to lay on the treatment bed and she stretched my arm to try and loosen my stiff shoulder. Next, she brought me to another room which had some equipment. And she taught me how to use the equipment, and said I can leave after I finished doing all the exercises.
After I was done, I went to the counter to set up my next appointment. The nurse asked me to go to the Rehabilitation Centre to pay for the fees. One physiotherapy session costs $52.90 and if I have to go every week for 2 months, it'll cost 8 X $52.90 = $423.20!!!

But luckily, all consultation + treatment up to 3 months after the date of surgery will be covered by insurance. Insurance rulez! =)

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