Sunday, January 10, 2010

Room cleaning + new year resolution

Wow... What a good way to start the new semester. Today is the 1st time I clean my room since I went for surgery last Dec. After which I had to wear an arm sling for quite some time and therefore declared temporarily handicapped. Since it's the 1st room cleaning in such a long time, there's a lot of dust in my room. And as a result, it caused me to sneeze non-stop since afternoon to now, not to mention the severe runny nose that I've now.

Actually I wanted to start to write my blog since the holiday started but due to some circumstances, this plan was put hold. *hint*: just try typing using 1 hand only. If you think that's not too bad, try using your non-dominant hand. And lastly, just try using the mouse with your left hand. That was how I had to endure the whole of Dec. And since today is the last day of holiday before the new semester begins, I think it's time that I executed my plan, resulting in the 1st post of my blog.

Here's my new year resolution:
1) Health - As my dad always says "拥有健康的身体不代表拥有一切,但是没有健康的身体就是一无所有", which just means "good health is vital to succeed in anything"
2) Academic results - As my university life is coming to an end soon, I would like to challenge myself to do better, even if I can't get Hons or not even a Pass with Merit, because I know I can put in more effort and do much better.
3) Cleanliness - Try to keep my room clean all sem long, instead of having to deal with tonnes of dust every time I'm forced to clean my room.
4) Internship - I've always wanted to apply for an internship, but somehow I always managed to find some excuse. There's NO excuse this time round, and I've to come up with my CV and Cover Letter by hook or by crook. Deadline: by the end of next week.
5) CCAs - Try to balance time between studying and CCAs coz there are a lot of activities coming up this sem, like Amplitude, Jazz Band 15th Anniversary Concert, Rockfest, Stardust, Talentquest, etc.


  1. 大鱼还是很多cca哦~~~~~不过,难得你用些部落格来证明你的决心,我就支持你一下下啦!哈哈,不要衰衰样了啦!哈哈!

  2. your old friend passing by.... :)

  3. hebat! Kikshou sudah ada blog!

  4. Thx guys for the comments! I'd really appreciate it! =)

  5. Lai Mei, I went for surgery during the Dec holidays to get my problematic shoulder fixed. I've been dislocating my shoulder a few times since Dec 2008. So I thought might as well get it fixed, if not it'll keep on troubling me for the rest of my life. 长痛不如短痛

  6. yiyang is talking cock, every year he will have such new year resolution.the sifu of my laziness

  7. hey ah cheow, don't 泼我冷水 leh... this sem will be different...

  8. Wahhh Yiyang! *clap clap clap*
    Jiayou woh!

  9. hahha...yiyang!!
    dun worry...u can do it!!!