Saturday, May 1, 2010


I started my 'day' at 1pm when i was awake by a phone call, from an unfamiliar/unknown number. The 1st thing i thought of was could this be an interview call-up? I'd better get up from bed and answer this call. If this number was a number that I know, e.g. weili, then I would just answer the phone call for a while and continue sleeping. Anyways, it was an anti-climax in the end. It was a call from my dad. Full Stop.

Went to have lunch at YIH by myself coz I wanna buy ink cartridge coz my printer ran out of ink already. And I have to print out some application forms to fill in before I go for an interview next Wednesday. Suddenly I had a crave for Nasi Padang today, but it was not my day coz they ran out of beef rendang. Damn... Then I went to IT Co-op, and ended up buying more stuffs than I planned to. A 3 pin plug extension, a pair of hemisphere thingy for you to stick underneath your laptop to tilt it for better ventilation purposes (my laptop has been shutting down by itself mysteriously, must be the over-heating), and of coz the ink cartridge.

Then I spent my whole day applying for internships through the NUS Career Services eJob Center. Okay, maybe 'applying' wasn't the best word to use. It should be SPAMMING internship applications. I think I spammed almost 50 internship applications, just for today, which is almost equivalent to the total amount that I applied for the past 1 month or so since I started applying actively since the beginning of March.

Anyways, my mom keeps on saying that I couldn't get any internships coz I'm fat, which portrays an image of laziness, indiscipline, lethargicness, and the list goes on and on and on... Well, maybe she's right so I thought to myself that maybe it's time to do something. And I went for a jog just now. Here are some data to keep track on my progress:

Distance covered: 3.469km (just a mere estimation using google maps distance calculator)
Time clocked: 34mins 45secs (not close to any competitive time, but who cares?! after all it's just an unfit me trying to start exercising since i-don't-remember-when)
Weight before jog: 108.9kg
Weight after jog: 106.3kg

There must be some kind of error here. Although my weight fluctuates like the stock market prices, but 2.6kg weight loss after just slightly more than half and hour's jog, or rather "brisk-but-not-very-brisk walking"???!!! It's either my weighing scale is fucked up, which is rather new, or that I'm fucked up. But looking at my luck and aura, most probably I'm the one who's fucked up, and I hope that I'm fucked up (at least in this context). I shall experiment again tmr to ensure that it's no fluke.

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