Monday, April 19, 2010

I am fucked up

Yes, seriously, I am fucked up... When people are busy studying for the finals, which is just around the corner, I'm still applying for internships and going for interviews. Yes, you heard me... I am still applying for internships... and the day I stop applying for internship is the day that I actually secure my internship for the summer break (or even longer). 3 weeks more before most of the internship positions start. I thought I was being last minute when I started applying for internships in March, but apparently they are even more last minute than me.

Ok, I had this interview last Wed with a Marketing company... The one that asked about my CAP. Anyways, they told me that the results will be out by Friday... last Friday, but till now I haven't heard from them yet... It kinda makes me wonder why ppl in the business industry always don't keep to their promises... If u really don't want to hire, can you at least take the courtesy to inform me. If you don't want to deal with me, then just let the BBA Career Services Center know, and they'll change my application status from 'pending' to 'rejected', so I don't have to think about of you anymore.

Next interview on Sunday with also another Marketing company via skype video call. And I can say this was the toughest interview that I've went through. They gave me a situational question, i.e. "how do you promote fishball in China?". I was seriously stunned... After talking cock for sometime, I requested for time-out to regroup my thoughts, and they kindly gave me 3 mins for me write down what I should cock about for the remainder of the interview session. They were screwing me non-stop for almost half an hour. For everything I said, they just somehow had to screw regardless of whether my point was valid anot. Soon, it changed into something like a debate match, rather than an interview session.

I'm going for another interview tmr for an HR position. I just hope that everything goes well. Wish me luck...

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