Saturday, March 27, 2010

KR Hall Production 2010 - Telling Tales, Living Dreams

Yesterday I went for Kent Ridge (KR) Hall's annual production, which as usual, was in the form of a musical. Overall, I felt that this year's production was better that last year's one. Why do I say so? Well, the reason is quite evident as I didn't fell asleep during this year's hall prod. Oooops... Sorry, no disrespect to the ppl last year, but the plot last year was just way too confusing to my (or anyone else's) liking. Anyways, back to the main point Erm...

This year they got singers to act, instead of asking actors to sing. Actually I'm a big fan of musicals, I do enjoy watching musicals, be it in a theater, or in a cinema. I just love it. But, for a musical to be successful, the people who are acting and singing, must actually act and sing well. LOL. But in reality, it's very difficult to find these kind of ppl, especially in NUS, so when you have to decide which to give and which to take, you should always take singers. Coz I believe that the acting part can be trained. And when line-up boast of all powerful singers, nobody really bothers whether they really can act or not, or whether they are able to fully portray the details of their respective characters or not. When even the weakest singer (not really weak weak, but just in comparison among the other singers) sings better than WeiLi, you know that they mean business this time round. Don't play play. FYI, if you don't know who's WeiLi, you can leave me a comment and I'll intro him to you. For those who know him, well, I guess you all should know where he stands. =) Seriously, I think among all the Halls of Residences, only KR is able to put up a musical production. I tried imagining Eusoff having a musical production, instead of our usual dance production, but I just can't find the numbers to make it up.

But I still have some constructive comments to raise regarding last night's performance. I am very dissatisfied of their lyrics in songs. Sometimes, they just try to hard to put in too many words in too little spaces, which results in the person mumbling and we, as the audience really can't make up what the hell they are singing/talking/rapping. Seriously, pls try to space em out nicely la. Coz firstly, the pronounciation of the words are already not really very good, unlike ang mohs, when you can easily tell what they are talking/singing about. But, as non native speaking people like us - asians, it's just abit weird, difficult to hear.

Britney's singing improved compared to her performance last year. Last year, she sang well (which was one of the actors that actually can sing), but just sometimes instead of letting it all out, there's this somewhat imaginary barrier where her projection couldn't cut through, therefore resulting in 'covered' voice. But this year, this problem wasn't there anymore. Well done! Btw, I don't know her personally, but I just happen to recognise her from last year's production.

Another person that deserves special mentioning is Stephanie a.k.a. Miss Mirror a.k.a. Mdm M. She is really the show stopper, and by far the most outstanding performer in the musical. On a side note, she's my dancing partner (yes, i danced in my concert) in Jazz Band. And to me, she's already the ultimate performer - a person who can sing, dance and act equally well. Fan-Tars-Tic! I foresee that she'll be in KR's production for many years to come (not really that many, the most 4 yrs).

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